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Dietary Supplement Manufacturing

Nutricast Episode 4: Secrets Of Tablet Manufacturing & Stability Testing

By Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, Podcast, Quality Control, Specialty Supplements
In the latest episode of Nutricast, hosts Andrew Barninger and Natalie Vaulin from BL Bio Lab delve deep into the complexities of tablet manufacturing. The episode serves as an enlightening session on the intricacies involved in creating effective and consumer-friendly tablet-based supplements. Here’s a detailed recap of the significant points covered, bringing out the science and strategic actions behind tablet…
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Nutricast Episode 3: The Science Behind Nootropics, Capsule Manufacturing & More

By Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, Podcast
In this third episode of Nutricast, BL Bio Lab's dedicated podcast that peels back the curtain on the intricate world of dietary supplement manufacturing, hosted by Andrew Barninger, Ph.D., Director of Product Development, and Natalie Vaulin, Business Development Executive, they provide an in-depth look at the operational capabilities and the innovative strides BL Bio Lab is making in the industry.…
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Nutricast Episode 2: A.I. Revolutionizing Supplement Development

By Children's Supplements, Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, Formulation, Podcast, Quality Control
BL Bio Lab's podcast, Nutricast, returns with its second episode, diving deeper into the technological advancements and marketing strategies shaping the dietary supplement industry. Hosted by Andrew Barninger, Ph.D., Director of Product Development, and joined by Natalie Vaulin, Business Development Executive at BL Biolab, this episode offers a rich discussion on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in supplement manufacturing…
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Nutricast Episode 1: The Ins and Outs of the Dietary Supplement Industry

By Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, Podcast, Private Labeling
Welcome to the first episode of Nutricast, the official podcast of BL Bio Lab, where we dive deep into the complexities and nuances of dietary supplement manufacturing. Hosted by Andrew Berninger, Director of Product Development, and Natalie Vaulin, Business Development Executive, this episode serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to understand or venture into the world of dietary…
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Choosing a Vitamin Supplement Manufacturer: A Guide

By Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, Private Labeling
Are you trying to find a reliable Vitamin Supplement Manufacturer but discovering that the task is tougher than you initially thought? If you are trying to select a reputable manufacturer it can definitely be a challenge. After all, manufacturers can vary considerably in quality, and you could be uncertain about what to look for. The following are some top tips…
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The Best Nutritional Supplements To Sell in Your Private Label Supplement Business in 2022

By Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, Digestion & Stomach, General Health, Immune Support
Many wholesalers, distributors and retail stores are looking for quality dietary supplements and nutraceuticals. If you are thinking of selling private label supplements, it is important to research current market trends to know what products are hot and which are not. Some of the resources you can use to perform this research include search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) as well…
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GMP Manufacturing with a Supplement Manufacturer - BL Bio Lab

All About GMP Manufacturing (Good Manufacturing Practices)

By Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, Quality Control
The importance of working with a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) manufacturer is immeasurable in the world of dietary supplements. The FDA’s regulations for quality control state that all products marketed in the United States must meet very high standards for: identity (what it actually is), purity (not tampered with or diluted), strength (how potent each dosage unit or tablet is),…
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Manufacturing Water-Soluble Vitamins with BL Bio Lab

Manufacturing Water-Soluble Vitamins With BL Bio Lab

By Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, General Health
The process of manufacturing water-soluble vitamins is no easy task. However, with the right supplement company such as BL Biolab, the process is extremely efficient. While there are many different ways to go about the process, every company must start somewhere. However, to manufacture quality private label supplements there are certain things which must never be overlooked. Water-Soluble & Fat-Soluble…
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The Importance of Supplement Branding in 2022

The Importance of Dietary Supplement Branding

By Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, General Health
In tandem with getting your custom supplements manufactured, you must be ready to promote your brand. There are a few vital factors that will ensure you sell your dietary supplements in volume. The most crucial are: Researching your audience Knowing your target audience's demographics and needs and wants Clear messaging Strong online presence How to Collect Strong Data As a…
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