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Pet Supplement Manufacturer

Customize Your Products With Your Own Label

When you work with BL Bio Lab, we become your partner in business. You can customize your pet supplements with your own labels, containers and packaging. We make it easy for you to go from idea to sellable product. Get a fast free quote now – we want to be your pet supplement manufacturer.

Pet Supplements We Manufacture:

  • Probiotics
  • Hemp Oil
  • Skin and Coat
  • Anti-Itch
  • Sam-E
  • Multivitamins
  • and many more

Private Label Pet Supplement Manufacturing

BL Bio Lab has a strong focus on creating premium pet products that cover key categories for pet health. These product lines include digestive support, skin & coat support, immune support and vitamins. Each supplement contains naturally sourced, high quality raw materials that will provide benefits to dogs and cats. Pet Supplement sales grew 2.4% to $541 million. Sales are expected to increase from $541 million in 2014 to exceed $697 million in 2019.

One-quarter of dog owners give their pet a nutraceutical treat according Packaged Facts (2015 Pet Supplements in US Report). Almost half of all pet owners in Packaged Facts’ January 2015 survey were buying age-related food and nutrition products for their pet. Based on these survey results, there is clearly a market for elderly pet products that marketers can tap into. Pet obesity is also a big problem for United States consumer and has seen rapid expansion in this category of products in the last five years.

The pet supplement category provides large potential to those brands who are looking to create their own pet supplement or choose from a BL Bio Lab private label pet formula. BL Bio Lab Private Label Pet Supplement Manufacturing Research & Development team are excited to help new and existing businesses bring innovative pet supplements into the marketplace. Our pet supplements may assist dogs and cats suffering from low energy levels, weak joints & bones, heart related issues, problems with coat, vision, skin and poor immune function.

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Quality You Can Trust

BL Bio Lab's manufacturing Facility meets or exceeds the following manufacturing guidelines:

Recent Testimonials

i recommend BL Bio Lab
Erika Oriel
Erika Oriel
Services are great.
Loidz H.E
Loidz H.E
secured product. safe products
Gryl Pareja
Gryl Pareja
What stands out with these guys? Communication. They're always upfront, clear, and when things get tricky, they're there figuring it out with you. No sugarcoating, no endless back-and-forths, just straight-up problem-solving. Andrej deserves a mention. He's not just another rep; the guy's got insights and isn't shy to share them. It's a relief working with someone who actually knows their stuff and doesn't just agree to everything. The rest of the team follows suit. They get things done, no drama. We've built something pretty good over these years. It's rare to find a company you can actually trust in this line of work, but here we are. BL BIO Lab has been a dependable part of my business's growth, and that's not something I say lightly. If you want a partner who talks straight and delivers, give BL BIO Lab a shot. They've earned my trust, and in this business, that says a lot.
Ispipsi Ispipsi
Ispipsi Ispipsi
BL Biolab has been instrumental and extremely helpful in helping us with manufacturing our headache nutritional supplement, MiGuard. They have helped us with all that it takes to navigate and bring our product to the world stage. I highly recommend them to any entrepreneur seeking to start and grow their business in the world of nutraceuticals and beyond.
Very professional and products are the highest quality . Would definitely recommend. No complaints so far!
Tj Morris
Tj Morris
BL Bio Lab provides excellent customer service, great communication, quality products and fair pricing. Highly recommend!
We’ve been working with BL Biolab for more than a year and have been having a great relationship. The team is responsive and they do their best at respecting formulas and requirements. There is always hiccups along the way but we’ve been able to work things out efficiently and quickly.
Thomas GABRY
Thomas GABRY

Why Choose BL Bio Lab?

  • Free Quotes
  • Sample Custom Runs
  • 8-12 Weeks Turnaround Time on New Products*
  • 6-8 weeks on Reorders*
  • In-House Biochemist Team with Ph.D. Lead Formulator
  • All Products Made in the USA
  • Regulatory Support Available
  • Low MOQs for Custom Orders
  • Ready to Work with All Businesses of All Sizes
  • Exceptional Customer Service and Support


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