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Many wholesalers, distributors and retail stores are looking for quality dietary supplements and nutraceuticals. If you are thinking of selling private label supplements, it is important to research current market trends to know what products are hot and which are not. Some of the resources you can use to perform this research include search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) as well as YouTube and even Amazon. The best option is to hire a professional analyst who can do an in-depth market analysis and prepare a report for you. In that way you can ensure you will find the right products to sell in your private label supplement business.

Many people think that having a vast catalog of vitamin and nutraceutical products is the way to go. However, it is better to start with a few top selling items that have a strong demand. Then you can grow your brand’s inventory, always adding new items that are trending first. That way, you will not expend a lot of money on products which will not move regularly.

How to Find Trending Products for Your Private Label Supplement Business

There are quite a few ways to do your own market research. When it comes to product demand and finding a niche, Google and YouTube are some of the fastest and easiest ways to perform your initial data collection. Searching topics such as “top supplement trends” or “top vitamins and supplements” will provide results that show current interest and demands.

You can go on YouTube and pretend to be a consumer. Search for things a customer would be looking for. And pay close attention to the suggestions that YouTube and Google provide as you type. This can give you major clues as to what other individuals are looking for.

Private label supplement business market research

We have gathered a list of vitamins and other supplements that are currently popular, as of 2020 until the present. These are excellent products to include if you already own a brand, or even to start your business with.

Vitamin D Private Label Supplements

With the pandemic just behind us, people are still highly interested in products that will help combat the effects of colds, flus and other viruses. Vitamin D is an incredibly important supplement (in actuality a hormone) that helps with the absorption of calcium and phosphorous. Additionally, research shows it can improve resistance to certain diseases. Inflammation and immune function are vastly boosted when Vitamin D is plentiful in the human body.

According to research done by Dr. Berg on the importance of Vitamin D, scientists and health professionals have found that this crucial supplement is much more effective when combined with Vitamin K2. A lot of D3 supplements don’t include K2 and offering your own brand with this combination could place your product ahead of the rest.

While there are plenty of Vitamin D supplements on the market, a lot of suppliers simply don’t get the serving size dosages right. Coming up with your own private label vitamin D product or even selling a high quality version as a white label supplement that you know is effective can be a game changer for an Amazon or online seller. You will need to market your product so that it stands out from the rest. But that is easy to do when you offer more product for a lower price. Some of the most expensive Vitamin D supplements on the market offer as little as 125 IU per serving. Getting your custom formulation of D3 and K2 is a good idea if you plan to sell private label vitamins.

Fish Oil Private Label Supplements

In 2020, fish oil was purchased by over 50% of a health-supplement-surveyed public. Omega-3 products are still in high demand even though they may not be the most purchased. Because America has a very high rate of heart attack, stroke and other conditions of similar ilk, you will find that a majority of health product consumers are still interested in supplementing their diet with a good fish oil product.

The best part of selling private label fish oil supplements is that they are single ingredient items. Therefore, manufacturer turnaround time can be very quick. This is because the manufacturer doesn’t need to order multiple ingredients which will all need to be tested, mixed and inspected each and every production. This will raise your purchase costs tremendously. Fish oil is much easier to package and sell in bulk for a private label supplement business.

When it comes to marketing, the key again, is to price your product competitively and come up with an advantage for your potential customers to buy more and in volume from you. For example, you could sell larger bottles with more capsules for a few dollars more. Another option is to offer BOGO deals to new customers (buy one get one free) and then set up a subscription service on your website or Amazon product listing.

Magnesium Private Label Supplements

The beauty of magnesium is that it is very inexpensive to manufacture. And many people purchase magnesium on a regular basis because it can help with muscles, sleep and digestive function. People who continually have problems with these conditions tend to purchase these products monthly or even weekly. Having an ample supply of your own private labeled magnesium with a competitive price is a great way to bring in steady income every month. Word-of-mouth, social media advertising and email marketing are a great way to get your friends, family and other acquaintances on board with purchasing your own brand of magnesium supplements.

Even high quality magnesium is relatively inexpensive to buy and sell. As a distributor of your own brand, you could even sell to smaller retailers with a great markup while still remaining competitive and profitable. Try to research how other magnesium sellers are promoting their products and then compare their pricing. You may find that their products are overpriced and working with another supplier such as BL Bio Lab will allow you to offer a better product at a much better price.

Magnesium is an essential mineral that is vital to a healthy body and the market has shown no signs that this dietary supplement will ever be short in demand.

Probiotic Private Label Supplements

Most people think of supplements in a limited way. Usually they are associated with vitamins, minerals and herbs which provide adaptogens. However, there are also a whole class of good bacteria that are vital for proper function of the human body. Probiotics, or good bacteria, help maintain a healthy digestive system, but also aid in urinary, vaginal, skin and lung health. With good bacteria, you can fight off an overgrowth of unhealthy, bad bacteria. The demand is very high for a great probiotic supplement.

A good probiotic supplement has at least 2 pillars: lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. There are many other types of good bacteria and many supplements provide proprietary blends filled with a variety of them. Working with a professional formulator to make a custom priobiotic supplement is a great way to develop your own private label product that you can sell in volume.

The amount of sugar, processed foods and fried meals that people are consuming on a regular basis can contribute to the destruction of the good healthy organisms that keep digestion working optimally.

A quality probiotic supplement will help the body:

  • digest food efficiently
  • assist in preventing bacterial overgrowth
  • generate vitamins
  • process and absorb medicinal products
  • and strengthen your gut lining.

Other Private Label Products

While there are many, many others, some of the best selling items include:

  • curcurmin/turmeric
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B-complex
  • Vitamin B12
  • CoQ10
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Calcium
  • Melatonin for sleep
  • Green tea
  • Collagen & Protein Powders
  • Apple Cider Vinegar


Remember, the key is not to carry hundreds of items. Focus more on top selling items and products that will sell again and again for your private label supplement business. Find an angle that will help you market to your audience and work at getting the best possible ingredients while still offering an affordable product that competes with similar ones on the market.

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