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BL Bio Lab is excited to announce the launch of our own podcast, Nutricast, dedicated to unraveling the complexities and innovations within the dietary supplement industry. Hosted by our very own Andrew Barninger, Ph.D., and Director of Product Development, the podcast promises to be a hub of knowledge for anyone interested in the science and business of dietary supplements, private labeling and nutritional education.

What is Nutricast?

Nutricast is designed to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the dietary supplement industry, directly from the experts who navigate its challenges and celebrate its successes daily. Each episode will explore various aspects of supplement manufacturing, from the initial concept and ingredient sourcing to production, regulation, and marketing. Our goal is to provide valuable insights not just for industry insiders but for anyone looking to expand their knowledge about dietary supplements.

About Nutricast’s Host: Andrew Barninger, Ph.D.

Andrew Barninger leads the podcast with his extensive expertise in product development within the nutraceutical sector. With a rich background in biochemistry and several years at the helm of product innovation at BL Bio Lab, Dr. Barninger brings a depth of knowledge and a passion for science that enriches each episode. His experience ensures that listeners gain a comprehensive understanding of the technical and regulatory complexities involved in bringing a dietary supplement to market.

Episode Highlights

In our inaugural episode, Andrew delves into the intricacies of choosing the right ingredients for custom vitamin formulations. He discusses how customer intentions and regulatory standards influence the selection process and how cost considerations can affect product formulation. This episode sets the stage for a series that promises to blend scientific rigor with practical advice.

Where to Watch/Listen

Recognizing the diverse preferences of our audience, Nutricast is available in both video and audio formats. You can watch the podcast on our YouTube channel, where you’ll get to see our hosts and occasionally, guest experts, discuss the latest trends and answer listener questions. For those who prefer audio-only, Nutricast is also available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime, and seven other audio platforms, making it accessible whether you’re at home, on the go, or at the gym.

Engage with Us

We encourage our listeners to engage with us through various channels. On YouTube, leave your comments, questions, and feedback under each episode. For those tuning in via audio platforms, you can send your questions and topic suggestions to our dedicated podcast email. We aim to make Nutricast an interactive experience, one where the audience’s voice is heard and valued.

Why a Podcast?

With Nutricast, BL Bio Lab is not just launching a podcast; we are starting a movement towards greater transparency and education in the dietary supplement industry. We invite you to join Andrew and the BL Bio Lab team on this exciting journey.

Tune into Nutricast, and let’s explore the fascinating world of supplements together, one episode at a time. Whether you’re a health enthusiast, a professional in the industry, or simply curious about how supplements are made, there’s something in Nutricast for you.