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Hemp Supplements

Hemp Supplements We Manufacture:

  • Hemp Oil
  • Hemp Protein
  • Hemp Cream

Hemp Supplements Manufacturing

The popularity of hemp-based products is at an all time high. New consumers everyday enter the herbal supplement marketplace and discover hemp supplements that feature a wide-range of benefits. Hemp extract that is used in all of the hemp-based products is pure oil that is extracted directly from the hemp plant. BL Bio Lab works with full spectrum hemp products. It is referred to as full spectrum because of the full-line of cannabinoids and extracts present in the entire hemp plant. Full spectrum hemp oil does not filter any of the plant materials out and still contains fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that provide the benefits of the herbal supplement.

Hemp is starting to work its way into several product categories such as immune support, joint support, skin care, and even pet supplements. This significant cross-over is part of the reasons it has taken the supplement industry by storm in the last couple of years. Hemp oils and creams are now communing found being sold in retail locations and online.

BL Bio Lab only works with full spectrum hemp oil and does not manufacturer or work with any type of CBD products. All hemp products are CBD-free.

Private Label Hemp Supplement Manufacturing Process

The raw materials used in the creation of all private label supplements [hemp related products] at BL Bio Lab are treated with the upmost care in their creation and manufacturing. BL Bio Lab provides hemp product in various forms such as in oils, creams, capsules and more. Interested businesses can request a quote for a new or existing hemp supplement they are looking to move forward with for their brand.

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