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In the latest episode of Nutricast, hosts Andrew Barninger and Natalie Vaulin from BL Bio Lab delve deep into the complexities of tablet manufacturing. The episode serves as an enlightening session on the intricacies involved in creating effective and consumer-friendly tablet-based supplements. Here’s a detailed recap of the significant points covered, bringing out the science and strategic actions behind tablet manufacturing.

The Basics of Tablet Manufacturing

Andrew, the Director of Research and Development at Beal Biolab, begins by introducing us to the world of tablet manufacturing. He explains the process using their latest acquisition—a sophisticated tablet press that can perform 45 individual punches. This device is critical in molding various forms of tablets, which are among the most popular products produced by the lab, including chewable and hard tablets. The discussion provides a foundational understanding of the mechanical aspect of tablet creation, emphasizing the precision and technical capabilities required in the process.

Making Amino Acids in Tablet Form

A significant portion of the episode focuses on amino acids—the building blocks of proteins—and their importance in dietary supplements. Amino acids are crucial for sports performance, recovery, and even clinical settings, such as treating severe burns. Andrew details why tablets are the preferred form for such supplements, mainly due to the high dosage requirements that would be impractical in capsule form. He notes that a tablet can deliver a large dose in a compact form, making it more efficient and user-friendly than having to consume multiple capsules.

Customization and Consumer Preferences

One of the most fascinating aspects discussed by Natalie and Andrew is the customization capabilities of tablets. Tablets can be crafted into virtually any shape or size, thanks to customizable tooling. This adaptability not only allows for brand differentiation but also caters to specific market demands or consumer preferences. However, Andrew points out that despite the wide range of possibilities, most clients tend to stick with standard shapes like round, oval, or oblong, similar to what you might find in common multivitamin supplements.

Technological and Manufacturing Challenges

The conversation also touches on the technical marvels and challenges in the tablet manufacturing process. Andrew shares his excitement about the new tablet press, which he describes as the most fascinating piece of equipment he has ever worked with. This segment highlights the technological advancements in the field and the continuous improvements being made to enhance efficiency and product quality.

Practical Insights into Tablet Use

Practical usage and consumer experience are key themes explored in the episode. The hosts discuss various forms of tablets, such as chewable and coated options, which are designed to enhance the user experience. For example, chewable tablets are flavored to mask the taste of the active ingredients, making them more palatable. In contrast, coated tablets prevent the active ingredients from making contact with the taste buds upon ingestion, providing a neutral taste experience.

Industry Expertise and Advice

Toward the end of the episode, Andrew and Natalie offer advice to listeners who might be considering entering the supplement manufacturing industry. They stress the importance of understanding the specific needs of the product and the target audience. For instance, the choice between using tablets or capsules often depends on factors such as ingredient stability, dosage requirements, and consumer preferences for ease of ingestion.


Nutricast Episode 4 provides a thorough exploration of tablet manufacturing, from the technical details of the machinery used to the practical aspects of product design and consumer satisfaction. Andrew and Natalie successfully shed light on the complexities and considerations that go into creating effective dietary supplements in tablet form.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone involved in the health and wellness industry, providing valuable insights into the meticulous processes behind the products that many of us use daily. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a curious newcomer, the discussion between Andrew and Natalie offers a detailed look at the intersection of science, technology, and consumer care in the world of dietary supplements.

Listeners are encouraged to tune into Nutricast for more enlightening discussions on various topics related to health and supplement manufacturing. Each episode promises to enhance your understanding of the industry and equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions in your health and wellness journey.

This blog aims to capture the essence and key points of Nutricast Episode 4, making the detailed world of tablet manufacturing accessible to a broader audience. For a deeper dive into this topic and more, be sure to check out the full episode and subscribe to Nutricast for future updates on similar topics.