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Many sports supplement brands are getting too fancy with their formulations. It is understandable because so many people have realized the potential in health supplements. They have started their own businesses and are selling in a variety of outlets including Amazon, eBay, online stores and even Facebook. The best part of digital sales is that we have so many free social media outlets to market these products on. And all this at little to no cost. The real truth is that the simple but effective formulas sell for decades, on and on, because they are made with quality ingredients that customers depend on. At BL Biolab we have a variety of private label nutritional sports supplements ready for you to sell in your own store. For anyone who is currently selling or wants to sell private label sports supplements, here are a list of the best selling sports supplements in today’s market.

Creatine (Monohydrate)

Creatine has been a popular sports supplement for at least 20 years, if not more. It is a mainstay of any sports supplement business. A British study found that 25% of people take sports supplements and almost half of them are young men. This is most likely because they want to build muscle quickly.

A daily consumption of creatine at at least 3 gm per day can increase the strength of muscles, stamina, speed, agility and the amount of lean muscle mass. It also boosts muscle growth by creating more proteins that in turn lead to muscle fiber development. It also helps the muscles absorb water which will lead to larger mass.

Selling Creatine Supplements in Volume

If you are selling sports nutritional supplements and have not yet begun to sell creatine, you are missing out on a huge amount of sales. Creatine is the kind of supplement that people will take on a daily basis. And it has a proven track record of effectiveness. The best kind of supplements for your business are the ones that will sell regularly and predictably.

There are other products that will be consumed occasionally or infrequently. Examples include teas, natural pain products, digestive enzyme pills, etc. While these are great supplements to sell, you will not see regular sales. This is because people will not run out so quickly. Creatine on the other hand, will be consumed daily. Especially by those who are trying to build a considerable amount of muscle.

Creatine sells for around $25-50 USD on Amazon. The most popular products servings are 30-100 per container. You could try and sell creatine in a larger container to offer a better deal to your customers. The truth is it is much more profitable to offer multiple small containers at a discount. This way, customers will require more product from you more regularly. Instead of selling one 100 serving container, sell two 50 serving ones, perhaps with a BOGO deal (buy-one-get-one-free). Then hook them in with a subscription deal so they order a refill every 15-30 days. In that way, you can generate a steady stream of orders that will allow you to predict your future stock levels and reordering schedule with your supplier.

Since protein can go bad, this is also better for the customer. They won’t be stuck with a giant jar of protein that might takes months to use up.


There is no shortage of demand for collagen. Many think of it as a health and beauty supplement, but in actual fact, many athletes and bodybuilders also take collagen daily to help improve their skin and bone strength. Collagen has been shown to help with connective tissues, joints, ears, eyes and even blood vessels. It is no mystery why highly active people would consume collagen regularly, especially when they are working out intensely.

There are different types of collagen including marine and bovine, which tend to be the most common. Selling collagen in wholesale or bulk amounts is a great idea for a private label sports supplement business.

Protein Powder

Health and wellness has now pervaded the fitness industry. Earlier, people weren’t so worried about health as much as their performance and strength. But after seeing the long-term side effects of steroids, stimulants and other dangerous substances, awareness has been on the rise about healthier alternatives. Even diets are evolving. What was once considered healthy is now unhealthy. Massive amounts of protein can be toxic to the liver and kidneys. People are also avoiding red meat and chicken because of cholesterol and GMO animal feed.

On top of this, some people are vegetarian. Others are vegan. Some want animal proteins. Others prefer egg or whey. Some cannot tolerate dairy. If you want to sell private label protein powders, knowing where to start is important. It starts with the type of protein. And that means you must appeal to a niche audience or else you will be pot shooting all over. And protein goes bad more quickly than other supplements. So you do not want to have excessive inventory of a product that may not sell quickly.

How to Determine What Protein Powders to Sell

In order to know what protein powders to sell, you must first determine who your audience is. Who are your customers? Who do you want to reach? If your online store services vegan or vegetarian customers, you may want to sell pea or soy protein. Research your audience and make sure you purchase the right supplements that will lead to sales.

If you are looking for high quality private label protein powders, check out our wide selection of products to determine which ones best fit your customer profile.

Some of the best selling protein powder supplements include:

In addition to the variety of proteins available on the market, there is also the matter of how they are processed. Protein isolates have the fat and carbohydrates separated to offer a more absorbable form for the body. There are also hydrolysates in which proteins are broken down even more for quick absorption. These are good for intense workouts and athletes who required energy in a short time. You may also have our formulation team create a custom protein formula for your brand.

BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. When you eat protein rich foods, your stomach breaks down those proteins back into amino acids. These are then used to create new proteins in the body where they are needed. There are 20 amino acids that form into thousands of different proteins in the body. Only 9 of them are considered essential amino acids. Of these nine, 3 of them are branched-chain aminos. These are:

  • leucine
  • isoleucine
  • and valine.

Branched-chain amino acids can be found in eggs, dairy and meat. They help generate new muscle fibers, reduce muscle soreness after workout, diminish fatigue and prevent muscles from breaking down. A study on BCAAs showed that people with liver disease benefited from them. BCAAs are a great private label sports supplement option to resell.

You can find more information here about Private Label BCAA Supplement Manufacturing.

Vitamin and Multivitamin Sports Supplements

Private labeling vitamin and multivitamin sports supplements are highly popular. A multivitamin is easier for the consumer as they don’t have to swallow a large quantity of tablets or pills. However, multivitamin formulations can be expensive as each ingredient must be sourced, tested and validated. Only go for a custom formulation when you are absolutely sure that a private label vitamin supplement will not work for your business. Keep in mind that lead times will increase as well and this can add delays if you are on a tight schedule.

The most popular vitamin and mineral products on Amazon for sports nutrition include:

These vitamins and mineral supplements are very easy to manufacture and restock so it is a good idea to find out what your customers or retailers are looking for when it comes to vitamin sports supplements. Electrolytes are becoming extremely common and almost everyone has tried them at one point or another.

How to Create A Steady Reorder Flow of Your Private Label Sports Supplements

One of the most common methods of ensuring reorders is to offer a subscription plan on your online store or Amazon listing. Most WordPress and Shopify stores have a feature to enable a recurring order subscription. By doing this, and offering a major discount on the initial order, your customers will easily lock in that subscription. That will mean a steady income of future sales and constantly moving inventory from out of your store. Don’t wait for your customers to order; be proactive and sell, sell, sell!

Another tool to increase monthly sales of private label sports supplements sold online is to have a monthly offer. It can be as simple as 10% of orders over a certain amount. Another common one is Buy-One-Get-One-Free offers (BOGO). Choose slow moving items or excess inventory and put them on sale. If you are a distributor, you can still use these principles when selling to retail stores who are buying wholesale from you. Just increase the numbers.

Private Label Sports Supplements by BL Bio Lab

Developing your own custom formula is easy when you work with a company such as BL Bio Lab. We have an experienced group of formulators with 50+ combined years of experience in the industry, including a lead Ph.D.

If you have an idea for a private label sports supplement, contact us today for a quote and we will have one ready for you in 24-48 hours.

You can also take a look at our online resources including a description of our GMP (good manufacturing practices) information, and private label supplement manufacturing specifications.

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