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Supplement Manufacturing

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"BL Bio Lab works with us to create amazing new products. It's easy for us to innovate because the MOQ is so low. Every product we have gotten was perfect and our customers love the reliability. It's been a great partnership thus far."

Our Purpose


i recommend BL Bio Lab
Erika Oriel
Erika Oriel
Services are great.
Loidz H.E
Loidz H.E
secured product. safe products
Gryl Pareja
Gryl Pareja
What stands out with these guys? Communication. They're always upfront, clear, and when things get tricky, they're there figuring it out with you. No sugarcoating, no endless back-and-forths, just straight-up problem-solving. Andrej deserves a mention. He's not just another rep; the guy's got insights and isn't shy to share them. It's a relief working with someone who actually knows their stuff and doesn't just agree to everything. The rest of the team follows suit. They get things done, no drama. We've built something pretty good over these years. It's rare to find a company you can actually trust in this line of work, but here we are. BL BIO Lab has been a dependable part of my business's growth, and that's not something I say lightly. If you want a partner who talks straight and delivers, give BL BIO Lab a shot. They've earned my trust, and in this business, that says a lot.
Ispipsi Ispipsi
Ispipsi Ispipsi
BL Biolab has been instrumental and extremely helpful in helping us with manufacturing our headache nutritional supplement, MiGuard. They have helped us with all that it takes to navigate and bring our product to the world stage. I highly recommend them to any entrepreneur seeking to start and grow their business in the world of nutraceuticals and beyond.
Very professional and products are the highest quality . Would definitely recommend. No complaints so far!
Tj Morris
Tj Morris
BL Bio Lab provides excellent customer service, great communication, quality products and fair pricing. Highly recommend!
We’ve been working with BL Biolab for more than a year and have been having a great relationship. The team is responsive and they do their best at respecting formulas and requirements. There is always hiccups along the way but we’ve been able to work things out efficiently and quickly.
Thomas GABRY
Thomas GABRY

A Breakdown of Supplement Manufacturing

Purchasing Raw Materials and Verification

Our purchasing department has access to thousands of nutritional supplement raw material vendors. We have a strict vetting process and evaluate our suppliers. We make sure that they qualify; this ensures they meet our stringent standards.

Once the raw materials and packaging components have arrived to our warehouse, Quality Control will verify the identity, purity, strength and consistency of each raw material to ensure a continuous and unwavering level of quality in your product. To read more about the process of validating raw materials, read our blog article All About GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). At BL Bio Lab, we only use raw materials that pass our Quality Control verification process. This is mandated by the FDA’s 21 CFR 111 regulations.

A good thing to know is that BL Bio Lab is certified by the NSF. This is a prestigious body that certifies qualifying supplement manufacturers in upholding the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practices.

Weighing and Mixing

Depending on your formula, the most common next step is weighing and mixing raw materials. This is a closely supervised process in which trained personnel will weigh each ingredient of your custom formula. We ensure that products in the batch contain what the label says it does. We use precise scales and verify each ingredient. A QC inspector will only sign off on your mix when each ingredient has been shown to be accurately weighed.

Once the raw materials are verified, they are transferred to any one of our industrial mixers for processing. This is a careful process where each ingredient is slowly added to the machine in an exact sequence. This enables a homogenous mixture. It is important to get this step just right, to ensure that any one product selected from a batch will have the same amount of ingredients as any other in the same production.

The mix is then worked over for many minutes, or even hours in some cases. This is kept up until the ingredients have been evenly distributed. A Quality Control inspector makes sure that this process is followed each and every time.

The Quality of Your Supplements

Made in the USA

All products are manufactured in our 75,000 square foot facility here in Clearwater, FL.

ISO Compliant

Our facility adheres to the ISO standards for quality, health and safety standards.

FDA Registered Facility

BL Bio Lab meets or exceeds the FDA’s standards and are safe and effective for intended use.

GMP Certified

BL Bio Lab products are manufactured with approved ingredients, under specified conditions of hygiene, and with proper documentation for all ingredients, processes, distribution and packaging.

Capsule & Tablet Filling
2 High-Speed Lines

Total: Up to 32,000 Units Per Day

Line 1: 6,000 Units Per Shift

Up To 2 Shifts Per Day

Line 2: 10,000 Units Per Shift

Up To 2 Shifts Per Day

Powder Filling
Automatic Powder Filling Line

9,000 Units Per Day

Semi-Automatic Powder Filling Line

1,000 Jars Per Day

Liquid Filling
1, 2 & 4 oz. Bottles

16,000-20,000 Units Per Day

8/16 oz. Bottles

10,000/5,000 Units Per Day

Bottling and Labeling Supplements

When the raw materials have been encapsulated, pressed into tablets, or prepared as a liquid or powder, the next step is filling and packaging. This will be a custom process depending on your packaging needs. However, the most common are a bottling and labeling line.

BL Bio Lab’s bottling and labeling cleanrooms include a large space with 2 capsule/tablet bottling & labeling lines, a liquid filling & labeling room, a powder filling & labeling room, and a separate skincare and cosmetics filling and labeling space.

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