Supplement Manufacturing at BL Bio Lab

When it comes to supplement manufacturing, much could be said about the process we follow at BL Bio Lab. There are many facets to manufacturing a dietary supplement and as such, BL Bio Lab is a leading Florida supplement lab providing:

Our purpose is to create innovative, high-quality dietary supplements for the nutritional supplement market. Of all the supplement manufacturers in the USA, BL Bio Lab is quickly taking the lead. This is in part due to providing exceptional products that customers can depend on. We manufacture some of the top selling powder and liquid formulas on the market. You will find our products in online stores, retailers and some of the highest selling supplement-selling Amazon accounts in the marketplace.

BL Bio Lab Supplement Manufacturing in Florida, USA

A Breakdown of Supplement Manufacturing

Where does the manufacturing process begin? After an order is placed, we will have already sourced the formula’s ingredients with some of the top suppliers available. Here in this article, we will provide a breakdown of the major steps that occur in manufacturing your supplement formula.

Purchasing Raw Materials and Verification

Our purchasing department has access to thousands of nutritional supplement raw material vendors. We have a strict vetting process and evaluate our suppliers. We make sure that they qualify; this ensures they meet our stringent standards.

Once the raw materials and packaging components have arrived to our warehouse, Quality Control will verify the identity, purity, strength and consistency of each raw material to ensure a continuous and unwavering level of quality in your product. To read more about the process of validating raw materials, read our blog article All About GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). At BL Bio Lab, we only use raw materials that pass our Quality Control verification process. This is mandated by the FDA’s 21 CFR 111 regulations.

A good thing to know is that BL Bio Lab is certified by the NSF. This is a prestigious body that certifies qualifying supplement manufacturers in upholding the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practices.

Weighing and Mixing

Depending on your formula, the most common next step is weighing and mixing raw materials. This is a closely supervised process in which trained personnel will weigh each ingredient of your custom formula. We ensure that products in the batch contain what the label says it does. We use precise scales and verify each ingredient. A QC inspector will only sign off on your mix when each ingredient has been shown to be accurately weighed.

Once the raw materials are verified, they are transferred to any one of our industrial mixers for processing. This is a careful process where each ingredient is slowly added to the machine in an exact sequence. This enables a homogenous mixture. It is important to get this step just right, to ensure that any one product selected from a batch will have the same amount of ingredients as any other in the same production.

The mix is then worked over for many minutes, or even hours in some cases. This is kept up until the ingredients have been evenly distributed. A Quality Control inspector makes sure that this process is followed each and every time.

Bottling and Labeling Supplements

When the raw materials have been encapsulated, pressed into tablets, or prepared as a liquid or powder, the next step is filling and packaging. This will be a custom process depending on your packaging needs. However, the most common are a bottling and labeling line.

BL Bio Lab’s bottling and labeling cleanrooms include a large space with 2 capsule/tablet bottling & labeling lines, a liquid filling & labeling room, a powder filling & labeling room, and a separate skincare and cosmetics filling and labeling space.

Our manufacturing capabilities for bottling and labeling are as follows.

Capsule & Tablet Filling

  • 2 high-speed lines
  • Line 1: 6,000 units per shift, up to 2 shifts per day
  • Line 2: 10,000 per shift, up to 2 shifts per day
  • Up to 32,000 units per day

Powder Filling

  • Automatic Powder Filling Line: 9,000 units per day
  • Semi-Automatic Powder Filling Line: 1,000 jars per day

Liquid Filling

  • 1, 2 & 4 oz. bottles: 16,000-20,000 units per day
  • 8/16 oz. bottles: 10,000/5,000 units per day

Skincare Filling

  • 2,500 to 8,000 units per day in 2 shifts