Some of our most popular powder manufacturing line products are private label sports supplements including protein powders like hemp protein powder, whey protein powder, and casein protein powder. We also have collagen peptides, marine collagen and creatine available for private labeling.

Powder Manufacturing at BL Bio Lab

Our powder manufacturing line uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce your products at a speed of 10,000 units per day between our fully automatic and our additional semi-automatic line. Our powder manufacturing cleanroom is where all production of non-liquid and non-capsule manufacturing occurs. A dedicated team runs each aspect of this line to ensure your private label supplements are produced at the highest possible quality.

Product Filling

After your product has been weighed, mixed and approved for bottling by Quality Control personnel, the mix is brought to the powder manufacturing line. Here, it is carefully loaded into our filling machine. Jars are passed down the line while the filler automatically weighs the exact amount of product and drops it in. This is computer controlled step and ensures the highest possible accuracy. Despite this, a QC Inspector will take random samples to verify the weights of your product, allowing for even more certainty.

Bulk Powder Manufacturing with BL Bio Lab

Metal Detection

As part of our automatic line, a metal detector scans each bottle as it comes down the line to ensure that no foreign metallic items have accidentally fallen into the bottles before, during or after filling. If a piece of metal is detected, the product is pushed off the assembly line into a tray. This device makes product safety management extremely efficient.

Sealing and Labeling

After a jar has been passed through metal detection, the next machine will automatically place a lid on the product jar. A heat induction sealer then sticks the inner seal to the jar neck so that the powder has a glued-on protective seal.

The product now passes through a machine that applies the label to the jar and then sends it down the line to have an outer seal applied. This prevents product tampering and makes sure the inner contents are safe.

Quality Control inspectors are making sure at each step that your product is manufactured to the highest standard.