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Private Label Supplements Done Right.

We manufacture powders, tablets, capsules and liquids. Our process is safe, regulated and fast. Our goal is to manufacturer the highest quality supplements on the market for your customers and make the process as simple and refined as possible.

Create Customer Loyalty

Benefits of Private Labeling

Private labeling allows for great brand exposure. With each supplement sold, you are advertising your name and contact information. Happy and loyal customers may be given the opportunity to talk about your practice and your brand. Your company gains a professional image as well. It increases your brand visibility and makes a statement.

Private labeling can also save you time and money. No more delays associated with wholesale products and suppliers. You can deliver a unique product you have confidence in and trust. Combining cost savings with cost benefits and a trusted product is a winning combination for success.

Private label supplements created specifically for a business that target the demographic audience that it is trying to reach is what separates one brand from another.

Our Good Manufacturing Practices will help ensure the highest quality products for your customers.

Supplement Manufacturing

There are many advantages to using private label supplements. Whether you are interested in starting a new skincare line, or something to do with sports nutrition, weight management, or even other nutraceuticals. A private label will allow you to offer a unique product to your customers with the flexibility to set your own pricing. The ability to protect your margins is just one of many benefits.

  • Saves time, money, and energy
  • Gain credibility and loyalty from consumers
  • Offer lower costs with higher profit margins
  • Expand your product line
  • Tailor packaging and labels to meet your specifications
  • Opportunity to grow your business over time
  • Increased perception of professionalism and competence
  • Make highly customized formulations

Why Choose BL Bio Lab?

  • Fast and FREE quotes
  • Sample custom runs available
  • 8-12 week turnaround time on new products
  • 6-8 week turnaround time on reorders
  • In-house biochemist team with Ph.D. Lead Formulator
  • All products manufactured in the USA
  • Regulatory support available for domestic & international orders
  • Accepting businesses of all sizes
  • Exceptional customer service and support

What types of products can you manufacture?

What are Private Label supplements?

Why should I trust BL Bio Lab?

Why should I choose BL Bio Lab?

BL Bio Lab has the knowledge and experience to help add new products to your line, or to assist you in beginning a new product line. We offer low MOQs, free quotes, and we deliver consistently to ensure you meet your customer’s needs.

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