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Are Pre-Workouts Just Energy Drinks Disguised As Healthy Supplements?

By General Health, Sports Nutrition
While pre-workout supplements were once the go-to supplement, their market growth has slowed and is projected to grow just 5% over the next 5 years - a steep decline from just a few years ago. There seem to be several contributing factors involed: the emergence of vitamin waters, whole-food supplementation such as AG1, and a general intolerance to the amount...
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Probiotics – The Surprising Origin Story

By Digestion & Stomach
The Origin Of Probiotics A Russian zoologist named Ilya "Elie" Ilyich Mechnikov, who was a zoologist who pioneered some of the research that led to what we now know as immunology. Once of the more famous experiments he performed was of the defense mechanism observed in a starfish larvae. He pinned small thorns to its body and noticed that the...
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Liquid Botanical Manufacturing: Benefits for Skin Care & Overall Health

Choosing the Right Skincare Manufacturer

By Skin Care & Cosmetics
How to Select A Good Skincare Manufacturer You might be depending on the services of a private label skincare producer for the first time. Alternatively, you might be contemplating approaching another company. Not all manufacturers of skincare products are the same. Some could be experts in certain areas but may not essentially cater to your specific needs. It is imperative...
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Choosing a Vitamin Supplement Manufacturer: A Guide

By Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, Private Labeling

Are you trying to find a reliable Vitamin Supplement Manufacturer but discovering that the task is tougher than you initially thought? If you are trying to select a reputable manufacturer it can definitely be a challenge. After all, manufacturers can vary considerably in quality, and you could be uncertain about what to look for. The following are some top tips…

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The Best Nutritional Supplements To Sell in Your Private Label Supplement Business in 2022

By Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, Digestion & Stomach, General Health, Immune Support

Many wholesalers, distributors and retail stores are looking for quality dietary supplements and nutraceuticals. If you are thinking of selling private label supplements, it is important to research current market trends to know what products are hot and which are not. Some of the resources you can use to perform this research include search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) as well…

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GMP Manufacturing with a Supplement Manufacturer - BL Bio Lab

All About GMP Manufacturing (Good Manufacturing Practices)

By Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, Quality Control

The importance of working with a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) manufacturer is immeasurable in the world of dietary supplements. The FDA’s regulations for quality control state that all products marketed in the United States must meet very high standards for: identity (what it actually is), purity (not tampered with or diluted), strength (how potent each dosage unit or tablet is),…

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Manufacturing Water-Soluble Vitamins with BL Bio Lab

Manufacturing Water-Soluble Vitamins With BL Bio Lab

By Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, General Health

The process of manufacturing water-soluble vitamins is no easy task. However, with the right supplement company such as BL Biolab, the process is extremely efficient. While there are many different ways to go about the process, every company must start somewhere. However, to manufacture quality private label supplements there are certain things which must never be overlooked. Water-Soluble & Fat-Soluble…

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