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Nutricast Episode 4: Secrets Of Tablet Manufacturing & Stability Testing

By Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, Podcast, Quality Control, Specialty Supplements
In the latest episode of Nutricast, hosts Andrew Barninger and Natalie Vaulin from BL Bio Lab delve deep into the complexities of tablet manufacturing. The episode serves as an enlightening session on the intricacies involved in creating effective and consumer-friendly tablet-based supplements. Here’s a detailed recap of the significant points covered, bringing out the science and strategic actions behind tablet…
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Nutricast Episode 3: The Science Behind Nootropics, Capsule Manufacturing & More

By Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, Podcast
In this third episode of Nutricast, BL Bio Lab's dedicated podcast that peels back the curtain on the intricate world of dietary supplement manufacturing, hosted by Andrew Barninger, Ph.D., Director of Product Development, and Natalie Vaulin, Business Development Executive, they provide an in-depth look at the operational capabilities and the innovative strides BL Bio Lab is making in the industry.…
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Nutricast Episode 2: A.I. Revolutionizing Supplement Development

By Children's Supplements, Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, Formulation, Podcast, Quality Control
BL Bio Lab's podcast, Nutricast, returns with its second episode, diving deeper into the technological advancements and marketing strategies shaping the dietary supplement industry. Hosted by Andrew Barninger, Ph.D., Director of Product Development, and joined by Natalie Vaulin, Business Development Executive at BL Biolab, this episode offers a rich discussion on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in supplement manufacturing…
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Nutricast Episode 1: The Ins and Outs of the Dietary Supplement Industry

By Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, Podcast, Private Labeling
Welcome to the first episode of Nutricast, the official podcast of BL Bio Lab, where we dive deep into the complexities and nuances of dietary supplement manufacturing. Hosted by Andrew Berninger, Director of Product Development, and Natalie Vaulin, Business Development Executive, this episode serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to understand or venture into the world of dietary…
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BL Bio Lab Launches Nutricast Podcast

By General Health
BL Bio Lab is excited to announce the launch of our own podcast, Nutricast, dedicated to unraveling the complexities and innovations within the dietary supplement industry. Hosted by our very own Andrew Barninger, Ph.D., and Director of Product Development, the podcast promises to be a hub of knowledge for anyone interested in the science and business of dietary supplements, private…
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Are Pre-Workouts Just Energy Drinks Disguised As Healthy Supplements?

By General Health, Sports Nutrition
While pre-workout supplements were once the go-to supplement, their market growth has slowed and is projected to grow just 5% over the next 5 years - a steep decline from just a few years ago. There seem to be several contributing factors involed: the emergence of vitamin waters, whole-food supplementation such as AG1, and a general intolerance to the amount…
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Probiotics – The Surprising Origin Story

By Digestion & Stomach
A Russian zoologist named Ilya "Elie" Ilyich Mechnikov, who was a zoologist who pioneered some of the research that led to what we now know as immunology. Once of the more famous experiments he performed was of the defense mechanism observed in a starfish larvae. He pinned small thorns to its body and noticed that the cells surrounding the thorns…
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Liquid Botanical Manufacturing: Benefits for Skin Care & Overall Health

Choosing the Right Skincare Manufacturer

By Skin Care & Cosmetics
You might be depending on the services of a private label skincare producer for the first time. Alternatively, you might be contemplating approaching another company. Not all manufacturers of skincare products are the same. Some could be experts in certain areas but may not essentially cater to your specific needs. It is imperative to realize that a good skincare manufacturer…
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