BL Biolab Research & Development

Research & Development

Our formulation team is very experienced in developing custom capsule products. When it comes to supplement manufacturing, product innovation is extremely important to brands looking to expand their existing product line. With our in-depth knowledge of nutraceuticals, we will help you develop a product that will stand out in the marketplace.

Capsule Manufacturing Capabilities

BL Biolab has an experienced dietary supplement capsule manufacturing team. Our manufacturing plant consists of 50,000 sq. ft. in addition to a large 20,000 sq. ft. distribution warehouse for storing and shipping your products once completed.

Our capsule manufacturing capabilities are in excess of 3.3 million capsules per day in a variety of sizes including No. #2, #1, No. #0, No. #00 and No. #00-E. The process of capsule manufacturing begins after mixing and weighing has been performed and verified by Quality Control personnel.

Capsule Manufacturing Process

First, the capsule machine is cleaned and sanitized. After this occurs, the operator will load the capsules and calibrate the encapsulation machine. The mixed product is then added to the machine and a few samples are produced with close supervision, to ensure the acceptable capsule weight range is being reached.

The capsules will now be manufactured in volume and routinely sampled to ensure the capsules contain the correct amount of product. One of the benefits of manufacturing your product at BL Bio Lab is the ability to see the encapsulation production process while receiving a tour of our facilities. Each manufacturing room is equipped with large windows so cleanroom spaces can be inspected and toured, giving Quality Control personnel and customers full visibility at all times.

GMP Manufacturing with a Supplement Manufacturer - BL Bio Lab

Quality Control of Capsule Manufacturing

At each point of the process, highly trained Quality Control personnel are supervising the manufacturing of your capsule product to ensure GMPs (good manufacturing practices) are followed and documented. When manufacturing capsule private label supplements, BL Bio Lab ensures that you get the best product possible by seeing these guidelines are carried out on a daily basis.

In addition to every day quality control, our Quality Assurance team oversees the manufacturing processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs) of our facility. We constantly improve the activities of our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, including adding the latest in production equipment and engineering.