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Selecting Quality Probiotic Manufacturing For Your Brand

Selecting Quality Probiotic Manufacturing For Your Brand

For the longest time, bacteria remained in the spotlight as organisms causing harm and ailments. But not all bacteria are created equal. The human gut is home to more than a thousand different types of bacteria, both good and bad. In fact, a healthy gut must have a balanced microbiome to function normally. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that help maintain or restore that balance.

A healthy gut ensures the overall wellbeing of the human body and probiotics ensure the digestive system functions the way it should. Probiotics can be consumed through probiotic supplements or fermented foods like yogurt to improve digestion. Pre, Pro, and now Postbiotics are becoming mainstream health now.

Types of Probiotics and their Benefits

Selecting Quality Probiotic Manufacturing For Your BrandProbiotics can include several types of bacteria. But mostly, they can be classified into two categories:

  • Lactobacillus: Commonly found in yogurt, some types of cheese, and other fermented foods.
  • Bifidobacterium: Found in some dairy products such as yogurt.

These are also available in probiotic supplements to maintain the balance between good and bad bacteria to support a healthy microbiome in the gut. Probiotic supplements are especially beneficial in cases where microbial communities are disturbed due to reasons such as taking antibiotics. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria, thus disturbing the balance of the gut microbiome. As a result, many people suffer from diarrhea as a side effect of antibiotics. Taking probiotics can mitigate the negative effect that antibiotics have on the digestive system.

Probiotics are also consumed to deal with other diseases related to the digestive system. They may be beneficial for people suffering from:

  • Irritable bowel disease
  • Diarrhea caused by bacterial or viral infections

As mentioned earlier, a healthy gut is essential for overall well being. This is the reason why catering to gut health often results in providing relief from certain other ailments as well. Probiotics supplements have shown to be useful in managing eczema, supporting vaginal health, and boosting immune function.

However, the benefits of probiotics greatly depend on the quality of the probiotic supplement. Manufacturing probiotic supplements are not as simple as manufacturing other dietary supplements and require extra care and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

The Art of Probiotic Manufacturing

Selecting Quality Probiotic Manufacturing For Your BrandUnlike most other supplements, probiotic supplement manufacturing requires strict, specific conditions in the manufacturing as well as the storage facility. To offer good quality probiotics, partnering with the right manufacturer is essential. Typically, supplement manufacturing facilities should be bacteria-free and clean. Probiotic manufacturing in these areas comes with the unique challenge of preventing contamination while growing and preserving live bacteria. This requires choosing a manufacturer like BL Bio Lab that has a manufacturing and testing facility specifically designed to handle the intricacies of probiotic manufacturing.

The manufacturing partner must adhere to the FDA guidelines for dietary supplement manufacturing with a strict quality management system in place. The facility must have a well-equipped testing lab to carry out stability testing to determine an accurate ‘Best Before’ date. Cold storage and refrigerators may also be required for preserving and storing dried strains of specific bacteria. The consequences of choosing an inadequate probiotic manufacturing facility can result in a huge monetary and reputational loss.

Delivery formats to consider for Probiotic Manufacturing

Selecting Quality Probiotic Manufacturing For Your BrandAnother factor to determine the right probiotic manufacturing partner is the available delivery formats. Probiotics can be consumed as capsules, powder, or liquids. Different formulations and formats may require different production capabilities. Essentially, different delivery formats are a matter of personal preference. While capsules are travel-friendly and convenient to store, liquid formulations are easier to consume and may come in a variety of flavors. Because end consumers may have their own preferences, it is advisable to work with a partner like BL Bio Lab that offers probiotic manufacturing in several formats including capsules, tablets, and powders. BL Bio Lab also offers probiotics in different packaging sizes as per the client’s needs. Clients can choose one or more formats depending on their targeted market.

The Bottom Line

Probiotics can be quite tricky to manufacture and test. They require a specialized manufacturing and storage facility to preserve the bacteria in optimal count and condition. In the absence of adequate conditions, probiotics can lose their efficacy and the product can easily become useless for the consumers. Making a wise decision when choosing a probiotic manufacturing partner can result in a hassle-free journey down the lane.



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