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Postbiotic Manufacturing: Pre, Pro & Post

Postbiotic Manufacturing

The impact of a healthy gut on the overall wellbeing cannot be underestimated.  Recent studies even suggest that a healthy digestive system nurtures a healthy mind. The wellness market is brimming with products promoting and maintaining gut health. For the longest time, people have been consuming prebiotics and probiotics to achieve optimal gut health. Postbiotics and Postbiotic Manufacturing, however, have only now made a grand entry into the wellness industry.s, pulvinar dapibus leo.


Postbiotics may be moved to the categories linked with digestive health such as infant formula, yogurts, and other fermented dairy drinks. Although postbiotics are not as popular among the average consumer yet, the number of vendors investing in postbiotic manufacturing is at an all-time high. This is mainly because the industry giants know very well that the demand for postbiotics, considering their benefits, will soon be going up exponentially.


What are Postbiotics?


Postbiotics ManufacturingA study published in Frontiers in Microbiology titled ‘Emerging Health Concepts in the Probiotics Field’ indicates that, “Postbiotics are non-viable bacterial products or metabolic products that come from microorganisms that have biologic activity in the host.”

Simply put, probiotics carry fermentation in the intestines, and as a result, postbiotics are produced as a byproduct. It may seem otherwise, but the waste created by probiotics is actually quite beneficial for the gut and the overall health in a broader sense.

Different types of gut bacteria create different kinds of postbiotics. There are more than 800 different postbiotics known to mankind which can be further divided into several broad categories. They include different enzymes for digesting food and improving metabolism, amino acids which are the building blocks for proteins, short-chain fatty acids that keep the intestines healthy, organic acids that maintain the pH of the gut, and even neurotransmitters to transmit messages between the nerves and the brain.

The more diverse the probiotic bacteria, the healthier the digestive system. In fact, postbiotics are not only essential for optimal gut health, but they are also extremely beneficial for preserving the mental health of the host as well. While postbiotics are naturally created within the body through the residing good bacteria in the gut, they can be added directly through external sources as well.


Postbiotic Manufacturing and Mental Wellbeing

Postbiotics ManufacturingThose targeting digestive health are not the only ones interested in postbiotic manufacturing. A Mintel study suggests that 17% of probiotic consumers in the US take probiotics to maintain their mental wellbeing. As more and more people become aware of the ‘brain-gut’ relationship, the pre-, pro- and postbiotic manufacturing will continue garnering more attention. The prebiotic and postbiotic products specifically targeting mental health will be in greater demand. There will be an increase in patent filings for products targeting cognitive health through a healthy digestive system. Another emerging term, in this category, is ‘psychobiotics’ that are essentially probiotics that have an impact on brain function. Psychobiotics may assist people suffering from anxiety and depression tremendously.


Other Benefits of Postbiotics

Postbiotics ManufacturingApart from the optimal brain functioning, postbiotics play a pivotal role in several vital body functions:


  • Imbalance in the microbiota of the gut can result in obesity, insulin resistance, and related disorders. A postbiotic metabolite known as muramyl dipeptide may benefit those with insulin resistance.
  • Postbiotics can promote good bacteria and remove bad bacteria from the gut, thus maintaining the microbial balance. This may reduce the chances of contracting a number of infections.
  • Postbiotic manufacturing mostly targets people that cannot consume probiotics due to immunodeficiency. This also includes infants who cannot tolerate probiotics.


Postbiotic Manufacturing in BL Bio Lab

As with any other supplement, postbiotic manufacturing should be carried out at an FDA registered facility like BL Bio Lab. BL Bio Lab has an in-house testing lab and quality assurance team that ensures optimal quality and efficacy at each step of production. This is extremely essential since manufacturing and storing probiotics and postbiotics in non-optimal external conditions can ruin the product and reduce its effectiveness. At BL Bio Lab, all precautions are taken to make sure that the postbiotics reach their consumers in the best conditions.

As an online seller, no incentive should be at the customer’s trust. Satisfied customers are likely to become long-term customers and will keep coming back to the seller they trust. This is imperative for a thriving business in the supplements industry. BL Bio Lab carries out each of its processes with utmost diligence and ensures complete transparency to help supplement business owners in gaining customer loyalty. Most importantly, for successful postbiotic manufacturing partnerships, the key is to find a manufacturer that understands and appreciates the business’s vision.