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10 Reasons Why You Want Vitamins Manufactured in USA

10 Reasons Why You Want Vitamins Manufactured in USA

The number one reason for buying USA- made products is quality, and it also makes sense because buying domestically is paramount for sustaining the local economy and strengthening it for the coming generations. But it’s especially important for products such as vitamins and supplements because the USA beats most of the other countries in maintaining safety and quality standards.

So whether you’re a patriot driven by the idea of buying local or a quality freak horrified by the idea of buying products with a shady supply chain, it makes most sense to consume vitamins manufactured in USA. This holds true for supplement business owners as well. As a supplement seller, the top priority is to opt for products that sell. As consumers become more aware, vitamins manufactured in USA will clearly have leverage over those manufactured elsewhere in the world.


There are several other reasons for having your vitamins manufactured in the USA that will ensure a flourishing supplement business for years to come; here are just a few of them:

10 Reasons Why You Want Vitamins Manufactured in USAVitamins manufactured in USA are thoroughly tested.

The testing requirements for dietary supplements in the USA are quite stringent. Consumers prefer vitamins manufactured in USA because they can rest assured that the product has been subjected to a number of quality assurance tests before making it to the shelves. These tests verify that the ingredients listed on the supplements are indeed in there and that there are no garbage fillers that are unnecessary or even detrimental to the health of consumers. For supplements that come from other countries, there is no way of verifying if they have been through all the necessary tests for ensuring quality and efficacy.

Backed by reviews from Doctors.

As compared to other countries, vitamins manufactured in USA are mostly backed by doctors practicing in the USA. Doctors usually prefer recommending vitamins and supplements made in a facility with a transparent supply chain, manufacturing, and testing policies. It’s rather easier to trace the source of raw materials, manufacturing practices, and storage facilities of products made in the USA. That’s why you’ll often find doctors reviewing and backing supplements manufactured in the USA.

10 Reasons Why You Want Vitamins Manufactured in USAManufacturers in the USA use high-quality raw materials.

Different countries have different laws and regulations in place for cultivating and harvesting. Although raw materials for manufacturing supplements may need to be sourced from different parts of the world, the regulations in the USA require each batch of those ingredients to be tested rigorously for contaminants, metals, and quality. On the other hand, supplements from other countries may not meet the high-quality standards of the USA.

Supplements undergo careful client trials in the USA.

Because of the strict regulations, consumer awareness, and a competitive market, supplement manufacturers in the USA tend to invest in supervised client trials to test products for their absorption, efficacy, and safety. Such trials may not be a norm in other countries. It is easier for consumers to trust the vitamins and supplements that have undergone controlled trials in human beings and are proven to be effective.

Follow FDA Guidelines

Not all countries have a regulatory body as vigilant as the FDA. Products that come from FDA registered manufacturing facilities can easily win the consumers’ trust. People of America look for these stamps to be certain that their supplements were manufactured keeping in mind strict protocols and safe practices. This trust and comfort don’t come as easily when products are manufactured in countries notorious for cheap but shady manufacturing practices like China and India.

10 Reasons Why You Want Vitamins Manufactured in USAThird-party auditing and certification programs.

All manufacturers can claim cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and well-equipped testing laboratories, but there is great comfort in knowing that the products one consumes are audited and marked safe by a third-party certification program that has absolutely no incentive in reiterating false claims about those products. There are so many auditing and certification programs in the US that the supplement market here has become highly competitive in terms of quality, safety, and effectiveness. Manufacturers in the USA, in their quest to win more customers, often acquire more than one certification for their range of supplements.

Businesses across the world prefer a ‘MADE IN USA’ label.

Because of the competitive environment and known track-record of producing high-quality supplements, consumers and even businesses across the globe look for vitamins manufactured in USA. As a supplement business owner, it sounds reasonable to have your products in a country whose products are widely trusted and sought-after. The ‘MADE IN USA’ label will give you leverage once you decide to expand your business to other regions and countries.

USA manufacturers will guide you every step of the way.

Supplement manufacturers in the USA have vast experience and a deep understanding of the USA supplements market. They know what’s currently high-in-demand and can accurately predict future market trends. They can effectively aid vitamins and supplement start-up with recommendations for supplements of the best caliber and also give them a great marketing launch.

Options are endless.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to vitamins manufactured in USA. And, the supplements are also available in a variety of dosage forms including liquids, powders, capsules, tablets, etc. You can add as many supplements to your existing catalog as you want if you’re working with a large-scale vitamin and supplement manufacturer like BL Bio Lab.

Buying USA-made supplements boosts the local economy.

Last but not the least, buying supplements and vitamins manufactured in USA creates more jobs for Americans and gets the cash flowing to strengthen the economy for all US citizens. This very point may be enough for a true patriot and a supplement seller who wants to encourage consumers to buy local.

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