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Best Biotin Supplement in the Nutrition Industry

Best Biotin Supplement in the Nutrition Industry

What is Biotin?

Best Biotin Supplement in the Nutrition IndustryBiotin, the water-soluble vitamin belonging to the vitamin B family, is required by our bodies to convert the food nutrients into energy. It is an essential component of our body’s enzymes that break down fats and carbohydrates, promote cell growth, and facilitate protein synthesis by affecting amino acids.

Biotin is abundantly present in a typical diet and is usually enough for our body. Foods like whole grains, bananas and nuts are rich in biotin. Biotin deficiency is rare, but it can still occur. Low biotin levels cannot be detected through any lab test; hence the following symptoms can be used to determine a biotin deficiency:

  • Hair loss
  • Red rash around the eyes, nose, or mouth
  • Depression, weakness, or hallucinations

History of Biotin

Originally known as “Vitamin H,” biotin was first extracted in pure form in 1935. In 1927, however, research indicated that eating a diet of only egg whites caused toxicity and disease in animals and humans. This syndrome was named “egg white injury”. Experiments were conducted on different subjects by giving them biotin-free diets and large amounts of raw egg whites. In five weeks, the subjects developed mild depression, muscle pains, and anorexia. Interestingly, these symptoms disappeared after giving biotin injections to the subjects for five days. Further research showed that egg whites contain a protein known as “avidin”, which combines with biotin, preventing its absorption in the body.

These experiments basically proved the importance of sufficient biotin in the human body. Also, note that a biotin deficiency can only occur by prolonged consumption of excessive amounts of raw egg whites. Avidin present in cooked egg whites generally loses its affinity for biotin.

The Truth Behind Biotin Supplements

Best Biotin Supplement in the Nutrition IndustrySocial media has created a hype around biotin supplements for treating issues related to hair, nails, or skin. Everyone seems to be keen on finding the best biotin supplement for luscious locks and glowing skin. Due to the changed lifestyle, there is an increased intake of processed foods. Such foods may cause hair loss and specific skin problems. Although hair loss can be attributed to various reasons and not just biotin deficiency, biotin-rich diets have strongly indicated hair and nail growth. Some research suggests that biotin improves hair and nail quality and boosts skin health.

Biotin has many other health benefits as well. Thanks to search engines and social media, people have become aware of the many benefits biotin provides. It is not only essential for energy production in the human body, but it also supports the cognitive function of the body. It helps in reducing blood sugar and bad cholesterol in diabetic people. Moreover, it also supports women during pregnancy and breast-feeding.  Health researchers claim that during these stages, women may develop mild biotin deficiency leading to tiredness and weakness.

Manufacturing the Best Biotin Supplement

Best Biotin Supplement in the Nutrition IndustryThanks to the increased popularity and demand for biotin, people are often looking for the best biotin supplement to reap its benefits. High-quality biotin supplements come from a carefully designed and conducted manufacturing process. If the process doesn’t follow quality control guidelines, the resulting biotin supplement can be deemed useless. It is essential to thoroughly test and ensure the safety of the biotin supplements before marketing them to the end consumers.

The manufacturing process for biotin supplements can vary depending on the encapsulation type. Usually, the manufacturing process includes the following steps:

  • Blending and mixing ingredients (if they are not in powder form already)
  • Molding the product into a shape and size that’s appropriate for consumption
  • Cooling and solidifying the end product
  • Packaging and shipping the biotin supplement

Choose BL Bio Lab for the Best Biotin Supplement

At BL Bio Lab, we follow all the right procedures for manufacturing the best biotin supplement. Our biotin manufacturing process is precisely in accordance with the FDA regulations and GMPs. We make sure to use superior quality raw materials, acquired, transported, and stored in optimal conditions. From collecting raw ingredients to molding, packaging, and shipping of the products, we follow strict quality control guidelines and perform rigorous testing to ensure that your customers get nothing less than the best biotin supplement.  With a vision to create the best custom formulas and promote the most competitive product pricing, we make sure our products exceed customer’s expectations by providing them with a trustworthy experience.

If you’re interested in selling your own biotin supplements, choosing the right supplement manufacturer is essential for establishing your brand name. Contact BL Bio Lab to add the best biotin supplement to your existing product catalog.